Frederick Wiseman | フレデリック・ワイズマン | 映画監督







映画「クレイジーホース・パリ 夜の宝石たち」が6月末から公開です。


Fortunately I had a chance to take photo of A documentary film director Frederick Wiseman while he stayed in Japan. He is now 82 years old, was born in 1930.

To face a person like him is to me always such a fun, who has been so much experienced. I feel that each of his wrinkles shows his energy and strength which made him survive through many eras as a film director.

The fact of being so active 82 tells as much as his films.

Mr Wiseman, when I showed the photos I took to him, looked so much delighted with big smile.

And his smile made my day.

Later, I got a greeting like this from him. This caught my heart too.

His movie “Crazy Horse Paris” will start from the end of Jun.

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