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NEW STORIES by John Moore

Our world needs new stories. New poems.
We have lived by our old stories for too long. They are worn out.
We are repeating the same old stories, life after life, and repeating the same old mistakes.
In our personal lives we keep meeting the same type of partner and repeat the same business scenarios.
After 10 Mile Island we had Chernobyl and then Fukushima. Only months after Fukushima work began on building a new nuclear plant in Sendai, Kyusyu.
After World War 1, we soon began World War 2.
Then we used the chemicals of the bomb factories to create chemical fertilizer, the industiralized food system and F1 seeds. F1 is a closed repeating DNA story that damages human dynamic spiral DNA.
War is the catch copy of the story of progress and development.
Competition not co-operation is the story of our university studies.
Our hero always leaves home, fights the dragons and then returns to save and marry the princess of the tower. We have repeated our hero stories in ancient Egypt, Greece, Middle Age Knights and now in Disney Movies and even Star Wars.
We are repeating, repeating and now it’s time to move forward.
Real seeds create Real food.
Real food creates Real people.
Real people create Real futures.

Our World needs real futures!